Get in Touch


We are open 24/7, yet it depends on how you decide to contact us. Use the email if it is not an emergency and it can wait for a few hours.

You can email us round the clock and expect an answer within hours only. There is always someone around to check on the emails and provide the answer you require – provide more details please.

Feel free to give us a call if you want to inquire about something urgent that cannot wait.


There are a few different ways to contact us and they depend on how urgent your query is.

It makes no difference why you want to get in touch. Decide whether you want an instant answer or you can wait a few hours. Maybe you have some questions about your membership or perhaps you want to join us. No matter what it is about, we will reply to you as quickly as we can.

There are more ways to contact us – by post, email or phone. We are also working on implementing a live chat feature, which will be more beneficial to our international members.

  • Get in touch with us round the clock.
  • Express your concerns, issues or inquiries.
  • Provide as many details as possible.
  • Leave your contacts, so we can get back to you.

If you plan to call us, make sure you do it Monday to Saturday 8AM to 8PM or Sunday 10AM to 4PM. JOIN US